Boom Town 2016 - Psy Forest Vortex Events Boom Town 2016 - Psy Forest Vortex Events

Boom Town Fair is a music and arts festival held near Winchester in England, with a capacity of around 60,000 people. Founded in 2009, the festival has an elaborate mythos, which is built upon each year and includes a town mayor, elections, and passports.

This year we supplied our 8.9mm outdoor LED screen into the Psy Forest which was being run by our good friends at Visual architects / Iluminaughty. We also suppled serveral of our Outdoor rated LED Par cans which were used to bring colour to all of there maticulasly made decore and to highlight bar locations with in this areana.

Working with Visual architects found Lefteris and also Visual artist Chris Dodd We were able to be the first to bring LED screens to this part of the festival.

Boom Town

Visual Architects

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