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LED screen hire is one of the fastest growing areas in the live production and event industries. With the help of Vortex Events' highly experienced project managers, LED video screen and LED video wall rental from Vortex will help push your event to the next level.

LED screens are flat displays, created from small panels. When pieced together, the panels create a large screen with a seamless visual display. Because the panels are pieced together to build the screen, out LED screen rentals are extremely versatile and are the most suitable products for large scale needs. They also handle brightness very well, providing a great quality image without hindrance from a bright environment. LED screens can display everything from a standard presentation to real-time video footage... a really cool enhancement to your event!

As the industry evolves and technology develops, our LED screen hire products can provide endless possibilities, providing solutions for all of your creative needs. From see-through, lightweight LED screens to 4k high-resolution outdoor screenings, we will advise on the screen solution to best suit your LED screen hire needs.

A range of technology to suit all LED screen projects...

LED video wall rental can be utilised in more than just concert and musical event settings. Many corporate companies are turning to LED screen rentals for trade show booths, corporate events and exhibitions. Additionally, LED screen rentals are in demand for television studios, live sports screenings, festivals, outdoor cinemas and LED screen hire for touring productions.

Whether you're integrating an LED video screen rental into your current event designs, or are creating a show from the beginning, we have a comprehensive approach to ensure the highest quality and fluidity in the execution of your LED screen hire from start to finish. We understand the non-stop nature of the entertainment production industry and our worldwide, 24/7 support system is always available.

Have a look below at some of our LED screens available for hire and examples of projects they were used in!