LED Screen for Film & TV Broadcast

LED technology is a large part of a film TV & broadcast stage set up. Appearance of a stage for a film and TV show is everything, you need to be able to grab your audience’s attention and keep it. Visibility of the stage area and footage broadcast is important, as you want all audience member’s to see everything clearly. The LED screens also have a big impact on the viewers at home, as the enormity and clarity will leave the viewers in awe of the spectacle on the small screen.

We know that TV and film harness innovative technology with everything that they approach, curating new ways that the end product is delivered to the consumer. Because LED screens are now so readily available, boasting a wide range of walls and content flexibility, they have now become an integral part to TV and film production. Thanks to the advancement of LED technology, these installations, when used in a controlled environment are now being used to replace the ‘green screen’ in a highly immersive ways.


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