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Outdoor Cinema

We have supplied open air cinema screenings at numerous locations throughout the UK, using both projection and built LED screens. There are lots of things to consider when planning an open air cinema or screening and we have the experience to guide you through.

When planning an outdoor cinema screening, there are many variables to think about: audience size, whether it is a paid or free event, budget, film licensing, screen and sound system size, venue suitability, health and safety, sponsorship and more, in order to make your event a success.

If you are planning to host a drive in cinema, maybe for when the Covid-19 restrictions ease please click here

From film festivals to free public screenings, we can supply a completely managed solution that can cover all of the following:

  • Film Licensing
  • Full range of LED screen options
  • Screen support structures
  • Professional sound systems
  • Inflatable projection screens
  • Event management
  • Sponsorship and advertising
  • Privacy fencing or screening
  • Deck chairs and bean bags
Outdoor Cinema Screen Hire Vortex Events

Once upon a time, projection was the only technology available to us. Over the years, outdoor screen technology has evolved and is now much brighter. With improved resolution, video processing, energy efficiency and much more affordability!

Outdoor Cinema Screen Hire Vortex Events

With recent advances in LED Screen technology, we can now offer suitable size outdoor screens at a more accessible cost. The LED screen option has lots of benefits over a projection solution, the main advantage is being viewable all day long, even in direct sunlight!

Not having to wait until it gets dark for a movie screening means that you can show films or content throughout the day. You can enjoy the sunshine without the worry of getting chilly in the evening! It is also much more cost effective, having the ability to have multiple screenings a day, it’s also more suitable for family audiences.

If you charge for tickets then you will have to pay 40% of ticket revenue to the Licensing Company (Film Bank)

If this is to be a free event you will still have to pay a fee for the licence, depending on audience size. The number of people viewing the screen will have to be controlled. (see below)

No. of People / Licence cost (2019 prices + VAT)
1 – 200 = £133
201 – 300 = £189
301 – 500 = £243
501 – 750 = £326
751 – 1000 = £409
1001 – 2000 = £602
2000+ = POA

The equipment rental costs are usually on a weekly basis. Due to setup/removal costs, it can make more financial sense to run the event for 3-7 days.
If your event is a ticketed (paid for) event, then we would recommend screening more than 1 film a day. 2-3 films per day would be more sensible and would help to cover costs, however you would need to ensure that enough tickets can be sold for it to be viable. For example, daytime screenings in the week may be less popular as people will be at work/school.
Sponsorship is a good way to help cover costs of this type of event, we have managed to gain sponsors for clients on past events. It can sometimes be impossible to put on screening events without sponsorship and we have the experience in order to support you along the way. It can be possible to gain over £10K in sponsors, depending on the event size, audience and duration.

To further help with running costs, you could sell food/drinks or catering pitches and consider renting out deckchairs, beanbags or blankets.

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