Outdoor Cinema Screenings

Outdoor Cinema Screenings

We believe that unique, dynamic events start with a great vision!

We have supplied open air cinema screenings at numerous locations throughout the UK, using both projection and built LED screens. There are lots of things to consider when planning an open air cinema or screening and we have the experience to guide you through.

When planning an outdoor cinema screening, there are many variables to think about: audience size, whether it is a paid or free event, budget, film licensing, screen and sound system size, venue suitability, health and safety, sponsorship and more, in order to make your event a success. From film festivals to free public screenings, we can supply a completely managed solution that can cover all of the following:

  • Film Licensing
  • Full range of screen options
  • Professional sound systems
  • Inflatable projection screens
  • Event management
  • Sponsorship and advertising
  • Privacy fencing or screening
  • Deck chairs and bean bags

Once upon a time, projection was the only technology available to us. Over the years, outdoor screen technology has evolved and become more affordable. With recent advances in LED Screen technology, we can now offer suitable size outdoor screens at a more accessible cost . The LED screen option has lots of benefits over a projection solution, the main advantage of being viewable in direct sunlight… this means we can show content all day long!

Not having to wait until it gets dark for a movie screening means that you can show films or content throughout the day. You can enjoy the sunshine without the worry of getting chilly in the evening! It is also much more cost effective to be able to have multiple screenings throughout the day and is suitable for audiences of all ages.

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Is this a ticketed (paid) or free event?

There are two main types of screen technology that can be used for outside screenings. The first more traditional option is projection, this involves using a large high brightness professional projector and large projection screen. An inflatable screen is the most cost effective and easiest to setup/remove. Typically screens available will be 6 - 10m wide and the projectors will be between 10,000 and 30,000 lumens (brightness). The brightness needed is dependant on screen size and light levels. Projection will only work well if the sun has gone down or in an dark room or marquee. It can sometimes get too cold to sit outside in the dark and blankets maybe needed.

The second and now more popular outdoor screen solution available is an LED screen. Outdoor LED screens are a lot brighter than projection and are designed to be viewable even in direct sunlight. This means screenings can take place all day long, no matter what the weather decides to do. This type of screen technology is available with different pixel pitches usually between 4-12mm, in other words the distance between each led pixel. The more pixels, the better the resolution or image quality. It really depends on screen size, how close the audience is to the screen and budget. LED screens are made up from panels, usually around 500x500mm and can be built to a size that suits the event.

Are you looking for LED screen, or projection?

What size screen are you looking for? See some suggested screen sizes below…
7 x 4M = up to 350 people8 x 4.5m = up to 500 people10 x 5.5m = up to 1000 people14 x 8m = up to 2000 people