DMX winches at Glade Glastonbury

Arguably one of the best and most well-known festival in the world: Glastonbury Festival is a contemporary performing arts event in south-west England.

Glastonbury is the largest greenfield festival in the world, and is attended by around 175,000 people.

Situated right in the centre of the festival, The Glade grew organically out of a wooded glade sound system in the late 90s, expanding into its own stand-alone festival at one point and always supplying Glasto with some alternative bands and underground electronic sounds. As well as the Glade Stage, there is the Spaceport, Glade Lounge, Lovebullets and The Spike, an enchanted space by the Glade Cafe that’s effectively a sound system in the trees.


Working with Mark Parsons, technical production manager for the Glade stage at Glastonbury, we developed our provision for previous years to make it look even more spectacular. Expanding our winch setup, we came up with the theme of moving triangles to cover the spectator area of the tent using our custom developed winch control software. Rigging the winches came with unique challenges: having to work around a 30m diameter décor installation on a very strict budget.

In addition to this, we managed video changeovers for the onstage LED screen.


1 x Stealth Processor SP1
1 x Stealth PDB Rack
26 x Stealth Tiles

64 x DMX Winches
35 x RGB LED Tube
2 x Barco Folsom Image Pro HD
1 x Martin Glaciator w/ Ducting Kit
Martin C3 Heavy Smoke Fluid

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