DMX Winches

Our DMX winches can be used for a variety of art, interior, stage, show, event and lighting applications. These units can lift a range of light fixtures, pixel shapes/lines and Stealth LED tiles to a 4m maximum elevation. Captivating your audience with a pre-programmed, visually stimulating, innovative experience is made easy using our custom visualisation software and our in house programers will be there to assist. This gives you the opportunity to see how the set up will look and from our experience, previewing the movements in a 3D space is a real advantage.

All the units are fitted with a safety brake system. This works by using a built in sensitive load change detection system, if they detect any change in load. i.e. if they hit anything, they stop and slowly return to the home position. We have also built in a limit system on our control software and can place E-Stops at the side of stage and FOH. The max weight each unit can lift is 2KG, so it would be difficult for any load to cause any serous damage. No mains voltage will ever be supplied on the winch wires, all our flying fixtures are low voltage.


  • Lifting height – Up to 4m
  • Lifting weight max – 2kg
  • Lifting speed – up to 2 sec/m
  • Max power – 60W
  • Winch weight – 8.5kg
  • Control system – DMX 512 (8 channels)