Now in our 3rd year of involvement with this festival we supplied Sound lighting and Video for all the stages.

Main Stage

The main stage sound system comprised of 6 elements a side of L’acoustics DVdosc and 3 x DVsubs a side. This allowed for fantastic coverage for all festival goers with unprecedented audio quality even at 75m away, Mixing was done by our sound engineer Ollie Chamberlain on a Yamaha M7CL, dB audiotecnik M4 wedges were used on stage effortlessly providing loud uncoloured monitoring. We also supplied 5m x 2m 8.9mm LED screen which added a professional touch with a combination of Festival logos and band logos to be displayed throughout the event.


Bella stage

The second live stage was a smaller straw bail venue, we supplied 4 x F218mk2 and 4 x Res 2 driven with FFA amplification. Front of house desk was a Sound craft GB4 32 with full Drawmer and XTA outboard rack with TC effects.


Bramble Stage

This stage served 2 purposes, during the day time it functioned as the Cinema tent, an 8 x 6 fast fold screen and a Barco G8 gave a punchy picture despite high ambient light levels from the brilliant weather over the weekend. At Night the space was transformed into a dance music arena. The Main PA was made up of 2 x AX88’s , 2 x F215mk2 4 x F121. The AX88’s were flown high from the Lighting Truss to project the sound down over the crowd providing excellent clarity front to back within the 20m long stretch tent. This stage featured an interesting installation of our stealth product. A Series of custom made V shaped Header bars created a 3 dimensional look to the stage offering a unique look no matter where you stood in the crowd. Mapping and operation was provided by our resolume servers, we also incorporated a series of lighting effects into this design also controlled by our VJ. By placing a combination of Showtec sun strips, Martin atomics, Par cans and blinders we were able to take advantage of the extreme transparency this screen has to offer.


Rise of bam

The Newest addition to the wilkestock festival, a new Heavy Duty Straw bale fortress offering fantastic containment of sound a scope for elaborate stage set up.?The Sound system installation consisted of 4 x AX88’s flown high into each corner Bass consisted of 2 x 215mk2 and 4 x BR121. The 21″ relex Bass bins offered incredibly low bottom end with minimal spill out side of the structure, Whilst the F215 mk2 bridged the gap between Sub and Top offering punchy clean upper bass, the Sound was comparable with some of the best night club installations in the world and the new structure allowed the audio level to be unaffected by offsite sound restrictions.?A challenge for video installation was set to us by Festival organiser Tom Wilkes, He projected an idea of having the entire 8′ x 8′ DJ booth built onto a Car Lift system the likes found in a Mechanics work shop, Our solution was simple a 7m wide screen made out of our Vortex 8.9mm screen with the central 2.5m attached to the car lift. This gave the screen 2 very unique looks a super wide screen in its down state and an imposing podium style look in its up position.

wilkestock_festival_2014_vortex_events_3aRock up and rinse
This relaxed stage offered artists who had played on either the main or second stage an opportunity to play again at their leisure or for festival goers to even bring their talent to the table. A small stage and discrete sound system made up of 4 x Funktion one F1201 speakers provided excellent coverage within the venue with 4 x F118’s giving ample bass for the when the DJ’s played in the night time.


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