Now into our 4th year working with secret garden party we provided Funktion one sound systems for 3 stages.

 Feral Fever

The brief we were given was a 30m round space with trees, log cabins and pedestrian walkways scattered every with no direct cable routes. This challenge also combined with this stage being right on the edge of site we needed to design a multi stack sound system set up which offered wide dispersion and good throw with controlled bass. The solution was 4 strategically placed stacks the front 2 consisting of 2 x AX88 2 x F215mk2 and 4 x F121, the rear 2 consisting 2 x AX88 1 x F215mk2 and 2 x BR121. The AX 88’s were flown from a scaffold goal post system to get them up to such a height that full advantage of the controlled throw these boxes have to offer. And BR121s used on the stacks facing off site allowed for a far more nearfeild bass experience whilst the hornloaded F121’s projected bass firmly onto site.


 Jacks Bar

This stage was an open sided bar tent with a circular stage in the middle, we proposed a system using 4 x F1201 and 4 x Stacks of F218 and Res2 the stacks were placed in an odd / even arrangement and provided excellent coverage as well and deep sound for when DJ played between exotic acts including dramatic Piano Dueling. Fold back monitors were 3 x Martin audio 12JB’s, FFA and XTA processing used and mixing was done on a CADAC CDC4 which offered unprecedented audio quality.



Now in its 3rd year of us providing the sound system on this stage our attitude has never changed, we are constantly improving the sound year on year, this year was certainly no exception. We changed out our top boxes to the new Funktion one Res7 which offered fantastically detailed sound and using our custom made 4m Truss towers we were able to get the top boxes angled to allow perfect control of the mid / highs with minimal un-wanted spill which could interfere with neighbouring stages. The full system spec :- 3 x stacks of 4 x F121, 2 x F215mk2, 2 x Res 7, 3 sets of fill speakers were used to ensure no dead spots in the dance area, 2 x F1201, 2 x F101, 2 x Res 2SH. ?FFA Amplifiers and XTA processing provided powerful and crystal clear audio reproduction and for mixing console a Cadac Live 1 ensure ultimate audio quality was kept at every point in the signal chain.


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