Larmer_tree_festival_tom_jones_2014_Stealth_led_screen_vortex_1a Larmer_tree_festival_tom_jones_2014_Stealth_led_screen_vortex_2a Larmer_tree_festival_tom_jones_2014_Stealth_led_screen_vortex_3a Larmer_tree_festival_tom_jones_2014_Stealth_led_screen_vortex_4a


At this years Larmer Tree Festival we Worked together with USS, Who asked us to provide a large video back drop for the musical legend Tom Jones! Our Stealth LED screen product was an ideal solution due to the weight limitations of the outdoor stage. The screen was fed from FOH Via an image pro, this gave us the extra switching needed to switch between the festival logo slide and the bands media sever. The LD who was controlling this from his lighting desk was very impressed. The event was a real success, leaving all of Toms fans fully satisfied.


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