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With the Forum Venue now being open for 5 years now, it had come the time where one of the rooms needed to be refitted and new life brought to it.
Working with Trade manager Luke Delderfield and Technical managers Ollie Chamberlain and Bahy Gabber we were able to apply our technical installation services and ensure the success of the refit.

2 lengths of truss were installed above the stage and safely rigged onto the building RSJ’s hidden above the plasterboard ceiling. This allowed a lot more flexibility with in the lighting rig set up which had become stale. A custom made LED screen was installed made from our 10mm Flex product, and 3 x Plasma screen installed down the side of the room all controlled from a Resolume server from FOH. The LED screen now enabled promoters to play back video content creating a very professional look for their events, While the side screens offer 2 purposes one giving the promoters extra canvas for their video content and the other giving the venue the opportunity to display drinks offers for each night.

We also improved and serviced the in house Funktion one sound system. New settings were programmed into the cross over as well as the bass bin enclosures underneath the stage modified to minimise wasted acoustic energy being absorbed into the stage structure. The end result here was clean punchy bass delivered from the 3 x F218 mk2s.

We also relocated some of the fill speakers and re-time aligned them all, this has brought a pleasant even coverage around all of the area.

Now in the second year of supplying a creative stealth screen solution in this room, we looked at bringing some new screen configuration ideas to the table. An Idea of a downward firing circular screen in place of the Mirror ball over the dance floor came up and soon became a reality. We set about designing an over engineered steel frame support for the 52 x Element labs stealth system. With safety being of the upmost importance the frame had a total of 9 connection points to the house truss each rated at 300KG SWL and the frame fabricated out of heavy duty 3mm thick Steel box section we ensured there was no chance of structural failure under the weight of the screen. Video mapping was done on the in house Resolume media server and this new addition to the night club gives the venue new canvas for event branding as well as a unique place to display Dj / Artists logos and of course VJ content.

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