Sainsburys_school_ games_2014_Vortex_8.9mm_LED_Screen_Diamands_1a Sainsburys_school_ games_2014_Vortex_8.9mm_LED_Screen_Diamands_2a Sainsburys_school_ games_2014_Vortex_8.9mm_LED_Screen_Diamands_3a

Working together with Tim Perrett from Acclaimed productions we given request to work out a elegant rigging solution the 6 x diamond shaped LED screen (hung at 45deg) as well as incorporate screen into a sliding door mechanism. We decided to use out 8.9mm product, it offers a variety of rigging options and offers clean cut edges as the screens interlocking system does not use the king pin method.
The use of Reutlingers allowed strong adjustable rigging and made the installation of the product at the event effortless.
Tim and his business partner Mark heaps came down to our warehouse to inspect our rigging solution for the diamonds and also brought along the proposed tracking system for the LED doors on stage and their own Hippotizer to program the show. Everything was built tested a programmed resulting in a very smooth load in.

Tim Perret – “Great work on School Games – thank you so much for sending endless photos of how the panels rigged and the pre-production to measure out all the steels which really helped on site as well as setting the whole system up so I could get the media server working nicely before we went to site – all makes for a great service. The panels looked great on the show and just how I hoped they would. Hope we can work together again soon.”

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