Royal Caribbean International, as suggested in the name is a world class International cruise line from the parent group Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, the world's second largest cruise company. All ships under the international brand dating since 1991 have names ending with 'of the Seas'. To introduce the largest passenger line in the world the MS Symphony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean International hosted the first ever immersive cruise experience to showcase the fun and exciting experience on board their new ship.


Iain at Vortex events engineered audio visual displays for 8 rooms within the MS Symphony of the Seas in order to capture a glimpse of the magic of the cruise liner. Set up required talking interactive mirrors to boost the family rooms, 55" high definition screens to rival the views on-board the ship. Projector views displaying a stunning sunrise to sunset. The experience included an interactive Jungle Safari with sound effects to make it as realistic as the real safari's tours that formed part of the journey. A musical dressing was featured with inviting lighting and décor that lead up to what can only be explained as the cotton candy room which had an interactive rainbow that was vivid an enticing experience for all those lucky enough to preview the MS Symphony of the Seas.

Throughout the preview, Vortex had a number of audio and visual technicians as well as programmers on hand to make sure there were no technical difficulties that can disrupt delivery, as well as an effective communications plan that ensured all team were in sync with the display.

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