DMX Winch hire

Having collaborated with The Forum Hertfordshire on over 50 events varying in size, we were excited to get involved with a New Year’s Eve production project.


The Forum Hertfordshire is a 2250 capacity nightclub over 3 rooms based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. For New Year’s Eve, the venue was keen to throw a big party with impressive production value. The venue had a fairly small budget, so we worked with the team onsite and proposed a visually spectacular package that would not break the bank.


With a large chandelier of motorised truss above the dance-floor, this was a perfect opportunity to rig our DMX winches. Using 40 winches we installed, mapped and operated 20 LED tubes – picked up at either end – to create a stunning spectacle of movement and colour above the crowd.

In previous years, Vortex has supplied a large LED wall to fill the back of the stage and created a custom New Year’s Eve countdown animation… and this year was no exception! Steve Page designed and produced a great video for the event, and was displayed using the venue’s ongoing contract with Vortex of 200 element labs stealth screen tiles (mapped using the in house Resolume arena server).

In addition to this we bulked up the in-house lighting rig with a selection of lighting.


Custom countdown video
200 x Stealth LED tiles

40 x DMX winches
20 x RGB LED tubes
Custom DMX winch controller

8 x Martin Mac 250 Beams
6 x GLP X4s
Avolites Tiger Touch 2
EntTec Data Gate Mk2

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  • DMX Winch hire
  • DMX Winch hire
  • DMX Winch hire
  • DMX Winch hire
  • DMX Winch hire

Saturday 31st December 2016

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