Resident Evil 7 Experience

Friday 20th – Monday 23rd January 2017

The Resident Evil franchise has been going for over 20 years. Having originally starting out as a computer game back in 1996, there has since been a great number of successive game releases plus six films.

To celebrate the release of Resident Evil 7: Bio Hazard, production company Bearded Kitten were asked to produce an immersive theatre experience. The experience was to allow two players to play an interpretation of the game in a fully immersive way, complete with puzzle rooms and actors in a “haunted house” rigged with booby traps.


Having worked with Bearded Kitten on a several jobs in the past (including the EasyJet immersive theatre experience), this venture was truly a spectacular project which provided a perfect opportunity for us to use some of our custom built equipment.



  • 14 x EV S40’s
  • 7 x EM acoustics EM51
  • 3 x Martin S12’s driven by LabGruppen
  • FFA Amplifiers with NST Audio D48 signal processors


  • 1 x Enttec DataGate Mk2
  • 2 x Anytronics 192 dimmers
  • 1 x Beta pack 3 dimmer
  • Martin Atomic strobes
  • A variety of domestic and theatrical lighting

Automation and Control:

Most impressively was the use of our DMX Relay Rack system, which was designed in house. The system allows us to push various control voltages around this experience, giving us the ability to trigger anything from: door locks, to CO2 jets, to picture frames falling off walls.

The entire show was controlled using the latest version of Qlab 4, which comes fully fledged with the capability to trigger sound, lighting and video cues.

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  • Resident Evil 7 Experience
  • Resident Evil 7 Experience
  • Resident Evil 7 Experience
  • Resident Evil 7 Experience

The show ran for 4 days with 28 shows per day. The production was warmly received by the client, Capcom, and the fans who came to experience the show. Extensive media coverage of this event has meant this one of the most highly anticipated shows to hit the east end.

News paper articles :- Metro // Express // Gamerant // Daily Star


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