Oval Space Ten Walls 8.9mm LED

10 Walls @ Oval Space – LED Screen

Oval Space approached us to supply a high quality LED wall backdrop for one of the high profile events coming up in their venue calender.

The DJ/Producer “Ten walls” requested the screen on their Technical rider and we quickly worked out how much we could fit onto the stage. A 3m tall 5.5m wide screen made out of our 8.9mm screen provided an impressive visual element to the performance, and was greatly received by all members of their production team as well as all of the sold out crowd.

We have in stock a range of LED screen suitable for any event. High brightness, attention grabbing video can be transformative to your event, and provide endless creative possibilities for displaying video. Branding, Logos, as well as attractive content can quickly be deployed onto a screen using one of our range of powerful, reliable media servers, and our video engineers are well versed at installing video at any kind of event.

Check out the video above to see the event in full swing – And our 8.9mm LED screen dominating the stage with bright, sharp video.


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