Cathedral Film Screening

This year’s St Albans film festival brought many new and old films to the table; we were given the task of once again transforming the St Albans cathedral into a cinema. We used a pair of our Ultra bright Barco HD20 (one hot backup) onto a giant 20′ x 11′ projection screen for a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. This combined with 12 x Funktion one F1201 placed at each pillar provided midfield acoustic reinforcement for the film and a pair of F218 mk2s provided ample power for low end. We also supplied 20 x LED par cans to up light the historic venue.

 St Albans Film Festival 2014 Barco HD Projector

Pool Film Screening

Attempting to turn a swimming pool into a cinema for a showing of “Jaws” is a daunting yet intriguing idea pitched to us by Leoni Kibbey. After a quick site visit we chose the smaller kids pool as the venue within the Westminster lodge swimming centre. A well positioned 8′ x 6′ fast fold and high brightness Barco G8 projector gave the participants a crystal clear visual experience whilst 4 x Funktion One F1201 speakers strategically placed around the edge of the pool provided near field sound reinforcement allowing for minimal echo / reverberation of which swimming pools are particularly susceptible too. The use of a Funktion One 118 provided powerful sub effects throughout the feature presentation and a series of high power LED par cans were used to set the mood and enhance the theme of this “tongue in cheek” showing of jaws… in a swimming pool. The mayor of St Albans Annie Brewster hosted the event and was impressed with the venue transformation and the professional / tidy installation of our products.

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