Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2

Water based Hazer
the safest way to make haze.

The Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2 creates a fine haze, filling the air with a perfect “Designer Mist”. A perfect environment for beam effects & moving light shows. BGV C1-certified fog system. Separately variable haze output & fan speed, also controllable with DMX.


2 DMX channels for very fine haze or fog
The Tour Hazer II is controlled by two DMX channels. So it is possible to control the internal fan and the Haze-Output independently. With the help of the fan of the Haze produced can be widely distributed in the venue, and it does not require C02 or anything similar for operation.

No residue for lasting memories
Oily residues belong to the past. Thanks to the high-quality water-based Tour Hazer fluid you need not worry about residue on stage or in other equipment. Save yourself the time on cleaning and concentrate on the essentials. Create the perfect light show for your guests to marvel about.

Flexible in all positions
Behind the drummers are only 30 cm of space? No Problem, simply tilt the Hazer on its side! Thanks to the closed and robust hose system inside the Tour Hazer it can be tilted and operated on eather side. If you want to direct the haze directly towards the ground, it does not matter if it is laying on its side or completely upside down. Only the side where the air vent is located should remain exposed.

Just a little bit more to connect
Thanks to the PowerCon TRUE1 connector, short cables are a thing of the past. If necessary, you can easily connect a longer cable with a PowerCon TRUE1 plug. Neutrik connectors are known for their extreme robustness and reliability. The locking system prevents accidental removal of the plug while connected to the power source and eliminates the danger of shock.