Wilkestock Festival main stage Razorlight 2017

Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd September 2017

Taking place on a humble farm near Stevenage, Wilkestock is an annual charity music festival staged by the Wilkes family. Raising money for great causes such as Bloodwise and Keswick Mountain Rescue, Wilkestock is now in its 10th year and Vortex are proud to have been on board for 5 years.


Taking place across 5 stages, Wilkestock is home to live music, DJs and silent discos – plus kids areas, cinema zones and campsites. It was our mission to kit out the 5 stages of live music and DJs: the Main Stage, Bella Stage, Bangorang Stage, Rock Up and Rinse Stage and the Brambles Stage, plus provide tech for the cinema tent.


As well as providing all on site production equipment, rigging and de-rigging, we also supplied 10 professional engineers to run all audio, lighting and LED. We also had company director Iain Rendle onsite to oversee the team, and respond to any issues throughout the event.


1 x Allen Heath QU32
2 x Allen Heath AB168
2 x Allen Heath QU16 mixer
1 x Yamaha M7CL
1 x Avid profile SC48
4 x L-Acoustics ARC
4 x L-Acoustics – DVSUB
18 x L-Acoustics – DVDOSC
12 x L-Acoustics – SB28
4 x L-Acoustics – LA48 Rack
2 x Martin F10
17 x Martin Audio – LE12JB
2 x Funktion-one AX88
2 x Funktion-one BR221
2 x Funktion-one F215 mk2
8 x Funktion-one F1201
4 x Funktion-one F118
2 x dB Technologies F8
4 x Pioneer DJM900 Nexus
8 x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus
4 x Technics 1210 mk2
1 x FFA 4 way monitor amp rack
1 x 8 Way Amp rack
1 x 3 way Stereo Amp Rack
1 x FFA 2 Way Amp rack
1 x FFA 3600 Amp
1 x FFA 6000 amp
1 x FFA 6004 Amp
2 x XTA DP226
1 x XTA DP448
1 x QSC PLX1602
1 x Veam Stage box
3 x Mic & Stand package

2 x Avolites Pearl
1 x Avolites Pearl Tiger
1 x JEM 24/7 Hazer
5 x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
6 x Martin Mac 250 Beam Moving head
28 x Outdoor LED Parcan
12 x Showtec Sunstrip Active
25L Smoke Fluid
7 x Martin Mac 250 Krypton
7 x Martin Magnum 2000
12 x Nebula R7 Beam
6 x Showtec Stage Blinder 4 Active DMX
8 x Philips Showline LED Bar 10 IP

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