NYE_2015_new_years_eve_Stealth_LED_forum_vortex_events_1a NYE_2015_new_years_eve_Stealth_LED_forum_vortex_events_2a NYE_2015_new_years_eve_Stealth_LED_forum_vortex_events_3a NYE_2015_new_years_eve_Stealth_LED_forum_vortex_events_4a NYE_2015_new_years_eve_Stealth_LED_forum_vortex_events_6a

This year’s new year’s party at the Hertfordshire was promoted externally by Zoo Elite. Their Company Director Chris Hoyte has been present at many of our productions over the last few years and asked us to provide him with Fresh look for the venue for his event.

The Venue has an ongoing contract using 200 tiles of our element labs stealth screen, to help create a new look for the venue we added an extra 200 tiles in a variety of different configurations. All mapped using the in house Resolume arena server. The countdown animations for both rooms were created by Taz Saragi to our pixel map. We also supplied and operated 4 x Magicfx Co2 Jets.

Chris and his team were delighted with our design and how smoothly the event ran.


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