V4 Karst Finds a New Home at Vortex Events

In Video Hire by Matt vortex

green_hippo_karst V4 media server


Having recently purchased a Hippotizer V4 Karst media server, Vortex Events will be putting it to the test immediately on the John Peel stage at one of the top summer music festivals in the UK, The Glastonbury Festival, this coming week. 

We looked at many different media servers and having used a wide range onsite for events, it was easy to see that the V4 range was one step ahead in many ways. These include the value for money and great support they offer. The Karst will help us realize some complicated mapping projects and visualize them at the design stage. This means we can easily translate our ideas to our clients, which means they can visualize what we can offer at the quote stage of the project. 

“The Karst will be used for projection mapping on buildings/bespoke surfaces, pixel mapping on our custom LED screen solutions, and for touring events where the LD needs to take control.” 

Simon Harris, user experience manager at Green Hippo, says: “We are very excited that Vortex have chosen Hippotizer V4 as their media server weapon of choice. Matt and Iain’s creative ideas and technical skills will see the system shine on a wide range of projects and it’s our pleasure to have them on board.” 


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