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We have worked with secret garden party since 2011 and what started out as supplying a modest amount of PA equipment for a Geodome has now expanded to supplying 7 stages of sound light and video and supplying LED screen Hippo Media servers to the main Spectacle – a Floating stage on the lake which on the Saturday night hosts the main focus of the event.

Why has it escalated to this level of involvement with this a festival like this?

We can only attribute it to being a perfect demonstration of everything we are about as a company. An Experienced team who are both polite but affirmative with every decision they make. Also having a wide selection of equipment which is used to its full potential guaranteed from both knowledge of its capabilities – but also site visits, 3d modelling and prediction of how it will react.

Some of the best demonstrations of the years have been how we have been handed “Problem” stages Plagued with noise complaints or have been known to cause bleed onto nearby stages. Many solutions to this have been right equipment used, speaker placement and working with the site crews to fabricate custom made acoustic baffles minimise any unwanted sound. Couple this with naturally our polite calm attitude when working with all artists stage managers and noise consultancies and it always left all parties happy.

This year we also brought Lighting and video to the table for the first time this year. We were asked to supply lighting for a stage we already were doing the sound for “collysillyum” – (a coliseum style venue complete with mud Pit and racked seating) and with the secret garden party theme of Space party there was much scope for creativity. The team behind “collysillyum” are bearded kitten – Barney Sutton and Joana Ferrão – a talented pair of set designers and event experience producers providing lighting at this event was such a positive experience we have since worked outside of this festival on immersive projects for large airline companies and more.

Finally to be asked to work on the spectacle was a highlight for our company – We were delighted to be able to offer both our 25mm and 8.9mm LED screens to be built into a Giant 20m x 20m floating pyramid. Our content designer worked with the spectacle production team to create visuals to their specification and track the entire show to time code using our Hippotizer Karst media servers.

What we will be asked to provide next year is the next big question.
Secret garden party


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