IKEA. The worlds largest furniture retailer. The Swedish furniture giants specialise in ready to assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories. You dream it and IKEA can make it happen. To celebrate 30 years IkEA hosted a four- day through the ages house party, showcasing three decades gone and three more to come


The three story house featured concepts from the three past decades and looking into the future and sustainable living. Integrated into the building design for the future to showcase the future of smart lighting a concept whereby lights automatically come on only the area of the house you are using. Interactive panels were also in place that track your movement within the house making it energy efficient. Artworks within the house from of motion activated light panels truly bringing the artwork to life.


Throughout the event, we had engineers on hand making sure the interaction was as futuristic as possible throughout the entire event.


Hi-Res LED Screen, Custom LED Lighting panels, PA systems and Interactive playback systems


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