Glade stage Glastonbury Festival 2015 Stealth LED Cubes custom LED screen solutions video hire


Right at the heart of festival season, Glastonbury Festival is one of the most widely known and loved in the world.

Now in our second year of providing creative video for the Glade stage our quest for pushing the boundaries of custom LED shapes using our Element labs Stealth screen has never been greater.

This year Saw the additions of :-

4 x “Jacks” shapes Requiring 30 x Stealth tiles each with extensive mapping.
2 x “Cubix” Shapes either side of the stage made using 18 x Stealth tiles
Combined with 12 x of our big hit last year “stealth Cube”

The whole system was mapped in Resolume and required some 228 Video Slices to stitch the video map back together. Animators Steve Page and Taz Saragi Contributed Custom made video content for this project While Iain Rendle and Nick waters installed and operated the show over the weekend.

The end result was a stunning product, with a distinctive aesthetic, that helped take the party to the next level.


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