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EasyJet Immersive Experience – The Plan

An unforgettable experience! Budget Airline company EasyJet teamed up with the Dutch tourist board to create an immersive theatre experience. The production company Bearded kitten who we have worked with before at Secret Garden Party, brought us in to handle the lighting and video for this project.
The experience was a most unique one with so much attention to detail – the audience were taken in from the street by actors playing cabin crew and then ushered through a real plane door. From there, every 3 minutes they would move through to a new room, themed by something that Amsterdam is famous for, recreating a different part of the journey. The show count was approximately 100 shows per day.

The areas included:-

  • Departure gate
  • Dutch Barge
  • Art gallery
  • Van Gogh – Potato Eaters
  • Cycling experience
  • Tulip fields
  • Arrivals gate

Working with Bearded Kitten’s founder Barney Sutton, we were able to bring these rooms to life with various items from our extensive and diverse equipment inventory.  Special care was taken when choosing a room’s colour temperature, from low colour temperature for Dutch Barges to mimicking  the light levels found in Van Gogh’s painting “The Potato Eaters”.

Departure lounge – Our NEC P553 screens were used at the departure gate and we made use of our Philips E Strip 10 IP lighting fixtures and LED Tape to create a great count down sequence.

Dutch Barge –  Here we used our Samsung MD32E screens and Bright Sign HD222 players to recreate the view through the windows of a Dutch Barge. All Bright Sign players were synced over network to make sure the experience of all boats sailing by or going under bridges was perfectly recreated.

Art gallery – This room, whilst not requiring any video, did require some simple yet effective lighting. LED panel lights were used overhead to recreate the clinical / neutral lighting you would expect to see in an art gallery, whilst Par 16’s (Birdies) were used in special rooms hidden behind empty picture frames. Actors would then come to life whilst mimicking the famous painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and “The Laughing Man”

Tulip fields – Here we used our LED IP Par 64’s to illuminate 15,000 tulips. We found ourselves using them to their full capability and were able to bring a hyper real colour to the tulip petals, due to them having a full RGBWA + UV colour spectrum. We also used GLP spot 1 moving heads both to mimick that of the sun and the clouds.

Controlling all of this was one of our Resolume Arena 5 media servers. By using all of its 3 video outputs and 2 DMX universe outputs, we were able to drive all the fixtures, departures and arrivals screens from one machine.

The event was a complete success and we look forward to working with the Bearded Kitten crew again.

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