LED Screen Trailer Hire

High end video screens setup in 20 mins or less!

Mobile screen rental and LED screen trailer hire have become increasingly popular in recent years as businesses and event organisers look for innovative ways to engage with their audiences. Mobile screens, often mounted on trailers, provide a versatile and portable solution for displaying content in outdoor settings, such as concerts, festivals, sports events, and trade shows. Our hi specification mobile screens are available for day rental or discounted weekly hire.

Most common events where mobile LED screen trailer hire is used:

  • Outdoor Sports Screenings
  • Outdoor Music Concerts
  • Festivals & Fairs
  • Airports, Bus & Train Stations
  • Sports Grounds & Stadiums
  • Public Information Boards
  • Conference Relay Screens & Demo Spaces
  • Outside Business Offer Signage
  • Advertising Screens Outdoors
  • Outdoor Cinema Screens & Theatre Productions
  • Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns
  • Television Studios & Film Sets
LED Screen trailer hire and Large Mobile Video screen rental

Planning for perfect performance

This involves assessing the location, determining the size and type of Mobile LED screen trailer required, understanding the viewing distance, considering environmental factors such as ambient light and temperature, and obtaining necessary permits or approvals. Planning also includes identifying the power source, signal source, and control system requirements, as well as assessing forecast weather conditions and wind speed.

Why choose an LED screen trailer hire for you event?

One of the main benefits of mobile screen rental and LED trailer hire is their flexibility. They can be easily transported to different locations, making them ideal for events that require mobility. They can be set up quickly and are equipped with weatherproof features, making them suitable for use in various weather conditions. This versatility allows venues, productions and event organisers to reach audiences in different locations without the need for permanent installations. If you are considering a long term rental option check out our LED Screen Hire Page.

Another advantage of mobile screen rental is their large and high brightness video displays. They are capable of displaying high-resolution content, such as videos, images, films, and live feeds, making them perfect for showcasing promotional messages, advertisements, or event information to a large audience. We currently offer mobile LED screen trailers up to  28m2 or 7x4m, this is 16:9 ratio and is suitable for most standard video signals. Sound and PA systems are also provided with different options available depending on audience size.

LED Screen trailer hire and Large Mobile Video screen rental

Using Mobile LED Screen Hire Technology For A Brighter Future!

We are well known for innovating to find the best solutions to stand out from the crowd. Rest assured that the products we install are of high standard with all the required certification and warranties.

Keeping sustainability in mind with all our future operations and using the lasted automated technologies to avoid excess energy use. Using low impact recyclable or reusable materials where possible. Our aim is to keep our energy use to a minimum by using automated screen brightness control systems.

If looking for from your next LED screen trailer hire, the team at Vortex Events has extensive experience when installing LED screens. Simply fill in the form below for a quote today!

LED Screen trailer hire and Large Mobile Video screen rental


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