L-Acoustics SB28

Frequency Range
25Hz - 100Hz

Frequency Rangesensitivity

max output


watts RMS
1225watts RMS

weight per unit

1300mm x 550mm x 700mm

The SB28 subwoofer is the ideal complement of L-ACOUSTICS WST® line sources and coaxial systems for applications requiring an extension of bandwidth. Taking on the latest innovations in electro-acoustics, signal processing and components, The SB28 delivers an exceptional level of performance while offering the engineer and sound designer numerous modes of operation for rental and fixed installation applications.

The SB28 contains two 18’’ direct radiating LF transducers integrated into a bass-reflex tuned enclosure. The exceptional cone excursion capability and use of laminar airflow vents deliver a greatly improved +5 dB peak SPL output compared to the previous generation.

SB configurations can be mechanically studied and modeled using the proprietary SOUNDVISION® 3D simulation software. In addition, setting up complex installations is made possible through the use of an Ethernet-based network which can support up to 253 amplified controllers. The L-ACOUSTICS® LA NETWORK MANAGER allows real-time control and monitoring of the units via an ergonomic and user friendly graphic interface.