Impericon stage at Slam Dunk South 2017

Slam Dunk festival is a one-day festival that takes place over the last Bank Holiday weekend in May. The festival is repeated across three-consecutive days over three sites: Slam Dunk North, Slam Dunk Midlands and Slam Dunk South. Vortex were brought in this year in a larger capacity to previous years, with Iain Rendle (the previous Technical Manager for the Slam Dunk South venue, The Forum Hertfordshire) taking the helm once again as the Slam Dunk South site’s indoor venue Production Manager.


Overseeing four indoor stages, Iain and the Vortex team supplied production and coordinated all four indoor stages. Working closely with Slam Dunk’s Rob Highcroft, the team assisted to fully advance the stages and manage the production on the Impericon, Uprawr, The Key Club and Rock Sound Breakout stages.


Liaising closely with the venue team, we coordinated 4 stages of bands (approx 50 bands) and provided a variety of equipment, including: PAs, mixing consoles, lighting fictures and consoles, and LED screens. We were able to reduce band changeover times significantly with the use of LED screens to display band logos/imagery, instead of indicidually rigged banners.

  • Slam Dunk 2017 - The Forum Hertfordshire Vortex Events
  • Slam Dunk 2017 - The Forum Hertfordshire Vortex Events
  • Slam Dunk 2017 - The Forum Hertfordshire Vortex Events



18 x L-Acoustics – DVDOSC
4 x L-Acoustics – DVSUB
6 x L-Acoustics – SB28
2 x L-Acoustics ARC
5 x Martin Audio – LE12JB
4 x Martin F10
2 x Funktion – one F118
2 x Funktion one – F1201 (Black)

1 x Allen Heath Qu32
2 x Allen heath QU16 mixer
2 x Allen heath AB168 – Digital stage box
3 x L-Acoustics – LA48 Rack
3 x FFA 2 Way Amp rack
1 x FFA 4 way monitor amp rack
2 x Allen heath AB168 – Digital stage box
1 x Full Live Mic & Stand package
1 x XTA DP448
1 x XTA DP226
2 x Mic – Shure SM57
5 x Mic – Shure SM58
2 x Vortex DI box
2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 NXS2
1 x Pioneer DJM900 NXS2


1 x Avolites Pearl 2010 – Lighting console
2 x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
6 x Nebula R7 Beam moving head
2 x Showtec Stage Blinder 4 Active DMX
4 x Showtec Sunstrip Active
14 x Outdoor LED Parcan 220watt RGBWAUV
1 x Drape hire 4m x 9m

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