Projection Mapping Video Projector Hire Crossrail Tunnel London Transport Museum

19 July 2017 – 18 July 2018

London Transport Museum explores the heritage of London and its transport system, and the stories of the people who have travelled and worked in the city over the last 200 years. The Museum explores both past and present and engages visitors in thinking about what issues and opportunities there are in relation to transport in the future.

With temporary installations set up to further promote the history behind the London transport system, we were proud to provide our equipment in order to bring that history to life.


London Transport Museum wanted to showcase a digital display, highlighting history in an interactive manner. We were able to seamlessly design and build that installation for them to use.


Martin Glaciator w/ Ducting Kit
Martin C3 Heavy Smoke Fluid
Various lengths of truss
1 x 1m Mirror ball inc spinner

32 x LED 1 Meter RGB Tube
4 x LED Tube Controller (10 Outputs)
24 x 6 LED Orb Light/Video Installation
8 x Philips LED Bar 10 IP
65 x Outdoor LED Parcan 220watt RGBWAUV
2 x Nebula R7 Beam moving head

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