Sancho Panza have a background in hosting carnival stages, parties boat parties, and festival stages for over twenty years. The organisers decided to put on their own festival stemming from all the promotional background.

Introducing Campo Sancho, a small and intimate family-friendly affair located deep in the Hertfordshire countryside. They have managed to create a stunning, magical site surrounded by trees, and in 2018 it just happened to fall on the Total Eclipse. Truly adding to the atmosphere of the event. the event is in its second year and we look forward to continuing on the relationship we have with the team at Campo Sancho.


For the second year in a row we at vortex events were a part of the team from concept to delivery for all audio and visual displays. For the festival we provided indoor and outdoor lighting with the use of high quality LED Parcans. No festival is complete without sound, music amps were distributed throughout the festivals ensuring quality sound from the live band performances was enjoyed by all attendants.


Our team was not only responsible for setting up and de-rigging the event. A lighting technician was on hand throughout the two day event, delivering an incredible light show to accompany each show.

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