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team vortex Farr festival 2014

This year Vortex events teamed up with Dave Millard to help provide audio for the 6 stages at FARR this year, Funktion one was used extensively throughout with the exception of the second stage which used our new DVdosc line array. We also provided all the video elements on site. This equated to 4 unique LED installations all driven by our Resolume servers and operated by our VJ’s.

 The Main Stage

Products used – Element Labs Stealth – Resolume Arena.
After Last year’s successful and versatile back wall screen and onstage colomns set up we decided to adapt it and take full advantage of the width of the Tent. This involved 3 x Large columns of screen placed on the outside of the PA Stacks. This created a sense of envelopment and was greatly received by the crowd.

 Stage 2

Products used – Vortex 8.9mm – Resolume Arena.
We produced a 3 x totem poll esq, design with the middle column higher than the other two. Content was mapped using resolume with guest promoter “take overs” logos animated and manipulated on the fly.

 The Fox Hole

Products used – Vortex 8.9mm – Resolume Arena.
The screen set up and resolution in this case allowed for a large work area for VJ’s with its multi layer depth creating interesting look as well a bringing what would normally be “that big Ibiza DJ screen” look into a surprisingly compact stage set up. A manageable 1′ x 12′. Guests content was beautifully translated onto the screen and the high brightness created a very punchy look.

 The Badger Hole

Products used – Element Labs Stealth – Resolume Arena.
This stage featured an interesting installation of our stealth product. A Series of custom made V shaped Header bars created a 3 dimensional look to the stage offering a unique look no matter where you stood in the crowd. Mapping and operation was provided by our resolume servers, we also incorporated a series of lighting effects into this design also controlled by our VJ. By placing a combination of Showtec sun strips, Martin atomics, Par cans and blinders we were able to take advantage of the extreme transparency this screen has to offer.

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